Sunday Morning Communities

 Sunday Morning Community Offerings Winter 2018

  • Young Adults Community 
    February 4-May 13
    Mark Whipple
    Location: Auditorium (Lower Level, below Sanctuary)
    Description: This winter/spring, we will be gathering on Sunday mornings to deepen our relationships with one another and welcome others into community as we sit in God’s word together. We will explore our longing for true community and God’s work of forming a renewed, life-giving community (in other words, we’ll be talking about The Church). 
  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray 
    February 25-May 13
    Teacher: Pastor Bob Burns
    Location: S212
    Description: We all know prayer is important. But most of us feel that this is one area where we don’t have it together. In this series we will seek to diffuse the confusion and guilt around prayer. And, in the process, grow in our understanding of how we talk with God.
  • The Book of Ruth 
    January 14-March 4
    Justin Carlson
    Location: S203-204
    Description: Why would a widow abandon her family, her culture, and almost every comfort she had known, to become a pauper in a foreign land, totally dependent on the whims of strangers? What enchantment (or fear) could spur such a radical choice? Perhaps this widow was shown something different, something so irresistible that she would trade her entire life for the mere hope of this dream coming true.  But what was her dream?
    The book of Ruth weaves together a complex tale of love, bitterness, fierce loyalty, heartbreak, resignation, and hope. But above all else, it is a story of redemption. The redemption of a family, a people, and, ultimately, an entire world. Come join us as we discover how we, like Ruth, are bound to this plan for redemption, authored by a God who crushes our most precious dreams while realizing our most impossible hopes.

Coffee Cafe will be open in the Concourse each Sunday from 9:00-9:30am, for your enjoyment.

Please remember all SMC classes start promptly at 9:30.